AmeDoko is a web application developed by Watson Industries that enables TeaMates to track the whereabouts of Ame. With AmeDoko, Gators can find out when Ame was last seen and when she is expected to appear again. This can be especially useful for Gators who want to make sure they don't miss out on any Ame streams. Whether you're a TeaMate, Investigator, or simply a casual viewer of Ame, AmeDoko is the perfect tool for staying up-to-date on her schedule. So why wait? Start using AmeDoko today and never miss a chance to see Ame again! A TeaMate looking for Ame. AmeDoko fetches live stream information from the fantastic Holodex API.

Big thanks to the following related projects for idea inspiration:

AmeDoko patent and license owned by: @DaniruKun
Crying Gator art kindly provided by: @Nagi